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See the picturesque Crab Claw Island and Bynoe Harbour with a scenic helicopter flight...

Crab Claw Island scenic flights are available on request.

Please contact our office or the visit the bar at Crab Claw Island... 1300 HELI TOUR

These tours depart from Crab Claw Island Resort only. 

Crab Claw Island - 6 minute flight

Climb to 1500 feet over Crab Claw Island and Bynoe Harbour for stunning views before descending to 500 feet for a look at the WWII Wirraway aeroplane wreck.

Price: $100 per person

Crab Claw Island - 15 minute flight

Head west over Knife Island to Rankin Point, northwest to Raft Point, west to Indian Island, southwest over Indian Island, coastal to the Wirraway (WWII aeroplane wreck, return to Crab Claw Island.

Price: $225 per person

Crab Claw Island - 30 minute flight

View the coastline and then Island hopping west to Dum in Mirrie Island, Blue Hole (teeming with sea turtles and other marine life), the Vutlee Vengeance (WWII Aeroplane wreck), south to Paterson Point and return to Crab Claw via the Wirraway (WWII Aeroplane wreck).

Price: $395 per person

Blue Hole Darwin - Heli Pub Crawl Darwin V8 Supercars

Crab Claw Island - 45 minute flight

Head west via Bynoe Harbour to Blue Hole (usually full of sea turtles, stingrays and sometimes sharks) west to Vultee Vengeance (WWII aeroplane wreck)), south along the coast to Dundee. South along the coastline past Dundee Beach to the mouth of the Finniss River. Continue east over the Finniss River Wetlands to Sweets Lagoon and Matt Wright's Top End Safari Camp and reurning to Crab Claw Island.

Price: $595 per person

Photo: @cncroadtrips