Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations must be made either by phone or email. Cancellations by text message will not be accepted. If you need to cancel, please ensure that you receive a cancellation confirmation.
  • Full refund minus any associated fees (including but not limited to credit card fees, any third party tour additions) for cancellation notice provided over 48 hours and for cancellation due to COVID-19 border closures.
  • 50% refund for cancellation notice provided between 24 and 48 hours.
  • Nil refund for cancellation notice provided under 24 hours.
  • Nil refund provided if a passenger is denied boarding due to passenger weights exceeding those quoted on booking resulting in an exceedance of aircraft maximum take-off weight.
  • Full refund minus credit card fees if cancelled due to weather or operational reasons.
  • If a tour has commenced and we are required to return to base due to circumstances beyond our control, no refund will be issued. This includes snap Covid related lockdowns and weather/heavy rain.
  • Voucher issued for use or refund within three years if unable to operate due to extraordinary events beyond our control e.g. global pandemic.
  • For cancellations or reduction in passengers for the Yellow Water Cruise a charge of $20 per booking will be incurred by the agent/Airborne Solutions which will be passed on to our customers.  The full cost of the booking will be charged if you cancel inside 48 hours prior to the tour.

PASSENGER WEIGHTS - Please ensure you check that the passenger weights you provide at the time of booking are correct. It is highly imperative that we have accurate information to ensure we are loading the helicopters according to their specifications and CASA regulations. We will weigh you and your baggage on the day to determine accurate takeoff weight. Any group or person that exceeds the weights indicated at the time of booking will be unable to begin their tour and will not be entitled to a refund. Exceeding aircraft maximum weight limitations is unacceptable.


  • Safety is our number one priority therefore we reserve the right to cancel or delay any flight due to weather or safety reasons.
  • Fuel surcharge may apply.
  • Airborne Solutions reserves the right to utilise a sub contractor.
  • All fishing gear will be provided on a replacement if lost or damaged basis.
  • All flights require a minimum of 2 passengers in the Robinson R44, a minimum of 3 passengers in the Bell JetRanger or LongRanger and a minimum of 4 passengers in the AS350.


During the wet season, if there is inclement weather forecast for the day of your tour, the pilot will be in touch on the morning of your tour to confirm that you would like to proceed. If we do have to cancel your tour due to the weather, we will try to reschedule where possible or provide a full refund (minus any credit card fees). If a tour has commenced and we are unable to continue due to the weather, no refund will be issued.



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