Hi Grant and the Airborne Solutions Team, Dave and I are back in Busselton and still can’t wipe the grin off our faces.  Dave has not stop talking about how fantastic your helitours were. So don’t be surprised if half of Busselton visits in the Dry. We went ‘Above and Beyond’ with Airborne Solutions and haven’t stop grinning ever since.

The Historic Hotel Heli Tour is like an action adventure straight out of a novel. With everything from landing in the Litchfield Pub beer garden like a rock star to an unforgettable  Robinson and Caruso adventure at Casey’s Bar – you  won’t know what to talk about first with your friends.

Denise with Grant – pilot and tour guide extraordinaire. I hope the wet has finally found Darwin. I know how important it is for the next season’s fishing and tourism.  Keep up the great service.